Why Enterprises Are Embracing Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

New Demands Require Evolving to a Next-Generation Data Center Business wants... IT wants... Apps to run faster Simplicity Lower IT costs Automation Simpler delivery Freedom of choice The Solution is HCI HCI revolutionizes the data center, bringing all the benefits of server virtualization to storage. It is composed of two essential elements: hyper-converged software and industry-standard hardware. Together they provide the performance, flexibility, and efficiency that budget-conscious, resource-starved IT departments crave. VMware HCS is a single HCI software stack that seamlessly integrates management, compute, storage and networking capabilities onto industry-standard x86 hardware to deliver high performance and low cost. 2 VMware HCS Enables Radically Simple Infrastructure for the SoftwareDefined Data Center VMware HCS consists of three components — Virtual SAN, vSphere and vCenter Server — deployed on the broadest choice of industry-standard x86 building blocks. vSphere, the industryleading virtualization platform with over 500,000 customers,1 abstracts and aggregates compute and memory resources to provide powerful server virtualization, while Virtual SAN, the only vSphereembedded storage solution, pools server-attached storage to create a high performance, resilient, shared storage optimized for virtual machines. vCenter Server delivers the unified and extensible management solution. 1 vmware.com/company/news/media-resources/fastfacts VMware Hyper-Converged Software VMware vCenter Server™: Unified Management VMware Virtual SAN™: Simple, enterprise-class storage VMware vSphere®: Market-leading hypervisor Industry-Standard Servers Flexible deployment options 3
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